Code of Conduct

Mark A. Seely. P.Eng.

Mark A. Seely. P.Eng., PMP

For any ensuing Analytics Institute, the code of conduct will provide the basis for asserting “professionalism.” Here, distinction is drawn between analytics devised to rationalize an a priori conclusion and those based on sound terms of reference and sound analytic method. The latter maintains reference to the truth.

The following is a preliminary draft for consideration by the network and the public that will be enhanced through broader participation.

AOAI Code of Conduct

1. Place integrity of analytics and the interests of the client above your own interests,

2. Disclose any potential conflict of interest or bias,

3. Address your professional perspective relative to required or influential institutional convention‎,

4. While respecting the client’s choice, provide a referential perspective based on integrity-in-analysis, in addition to any instruction or terms of reference for analyses,

5. Identify and promote sound analytic method including identification of:

  • issues in a priori direction,
  • assumptions‎,
  • treatment of data‎,
  • method of analyzing analyses‎,
  • treatment of error‎,
  • alternative interpretations‎,

6. Distinguish between tactical, ethical and moral analytic correctness as "procedurally aligned", "professionally balanced" and "virtuously considered" respectively,

7. Act with integrity, competence, and respect‎,

8. Maintain and develop your professional analytic competence.